Update written in pure exhaustion

I haven’t been sleeping well at all. Losing an hour to the daylight savings time switch last night just added to my stress. I’m so sick of money shortages. That $448 I ended up paying to renew my auto tag last month put a huge hole in my finances.

Hours getting slashed at work made that hole deeper. Everybody’s hours got cut. I went from working 33-38 hours per week to some weeks working 13 or 18. Some of my co-workers only got one shift for the week. I repeatedly told my boss that I can’t live on this. I told her I really didn’t want to get a second job because I know it’s a logistical nightmare. It was in my 20’s through my 40’s. I just turned 63, and even though I don’t feel that old (or act it), I just don’t have the fortitude to do that again. Unless…it’s a non-traditional job, such as a remote job, or doing my thrifting for money job. Those two opportunities are attractive, and doable.

I worked 9 am to 4:30 pm today, and during my shift I picked up one for St. Paddy’s Day—a short 9:15-2:15 shift and I switched tomorrow’s shift with a co-worker who needed a short shift. So, I picked up a couple extra hours there.

Words. I want to work with words. Yes, and I want to shower, eat, go upstairs, close my peepers and dream.

Wednesday 3/15, I’m finally having my nasal CT scan. Then on the 20th is my appointment with my ENT doctor to get the results. I want this sinus issue fixed yesterday.

As far as work goes, I really want to work from home. I want to woyy ty k all regular day shifts. Im do over screwy, unpredictable schedules. Im beginning to loathe it.

I just seriously need to make more money. Things in my life just are not working they way they should be. I am sick of working retail.

On my drive home, I began writing, in my head, an essay on how ridiculous it is that I had to pay the tow company $410 in storage fees even though I surrendered my car to them (dealing with five serious health issues was more pressing than getting my totaled car out of their tow yard), so they could sell it for parts. It’s s damn rip off. I plan on turning it in to HuffPost, if they will buy it. They accept freelance essays almost daily.

Getting published in Huff Post would simultaneously be a boost to my finances and one to my writing career.

Now, time for a shower.

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