Just been too depressed to be here

I have a lot on my plate. Mostly I’m terrified of money shortages. I seriously need to let go of being paranoid about money issues. Worrying makes it worse.

I need to find lucrative work. I don’t want to completely quit Sprout’s, but hey, it’s not working to pay my bills. My roommate had to pay my part of the rent for March. I owe her $625. I’m completely grateful to her for doing that. Having to pay $410 to get the lien lifted off my auto registration so I could renew that registration really dug a huge hole in my finances and the crappy work hours just made that hole deeper.

Of course, it’s completely ridiculous that tow companies can charge huge fees for storing totaled cars that they get to keep and sell for any usable parts. Yeah, I bet some Republican state congressperson pushed that bill through the State House. I’ll be finding out because I’m working on an essay about it. Those are a couple of things on my plate, right there.

I want a lucrative at home job. People have been giving me job tips. I want to carve out a couple of days to apply like crazy.

I’m glad my nasal CT scan showed no immediate need for surgery. I’m also glad Dr. Broger, the ear, nose & throat doctor gave me a refill on the Z-pack (5 days of azithromycin—10 days, total), because had he not, I think I’d still be trying to kill those damn sinus bugs.

It’s been over two weeks since I took my last antibiotic and, fingers crossed, it feels like the infection went away.

It’s just before midnight in my patch of Florida. An episode of, “The X-Files ,” is ending. It’s my cue to go upstairs for a shower.

Image from the internet.

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