Wired, can’t relax

It sucks, too because I have to work 11-6 today—Wednesday.

I’m simultaneously extremely stressed about money. My work schedule hours have been dwindling since early February; everybody’s have. So, there I went having faith that they would get dramatically better with each new week.

Just a lesson in how I give people, and employers too much credit, sometimes.

Simultaneously, during this period I began re-examining what I do for a living and what I have to do to earn that living. I realized that besides pay, having normal, healthy work hours is a huge priority. It isn’t healthy to be working at night. I am not only referring to working overnights, I’m including working regular prime time hours, such as 5 to 10, or in some jobs, till 11, or 12. It literally is not good for anyone’s brain, mind or body.

Bring me some cash, money toad.

I’ve been working nights—sometimes till 3 am, and sometimes graveyard (overnight) since college; that’s since 1979. I am so fucking over it.

In college it absolutely made sense because classes were in the daytime, almost always, and I waited tables. Dinner time was where the tips were.

Breakfast and lunch shifts were not lucrative, and often more stressful because guests were in a hurray to get served and eat. They could be lucrative if you were waiting on a group of heterosexual male banker-types, and your uniform was a skirt or dress and you had, “good legs.” Gawd, I endured many a leer and lewd comment from horny, usually married, muddle-aged guys who liked to check out the female, “co-eds.” I always hated that word. This was in the 1980’s. I can honestly say, most young men today are way more respectful than the generation I was surrounded by.

My point is: my days of working nights are coming to a close. I’ve been looking online for at home jobs. I’m interested in this product testing job that sounds very ethical and, well, real. The pay is $24-48 an hour depending upon what you’re testing. The fun part is that writing reviews is part of the job. I’m interested in that experience. The job works around your schedule and they supply everything: the product, and I think, any computer needed.

I’m also excited about starting an at home/online thrifting for a living job. I’ve always loved thrift store shopping. My friend, Pat, introduced me to that when we started college and were into Punk and New Wave. We had a blast putting together outfits and buying some of the most outlandish earrings on Earth. Faux Leppard was a big trend back then. I had the coolest leopard print fake fur bolero jacket I’d kill to have now. I think because Florida has always had a huge population of old folks, thrift stores were always well stocked.

Over the decades thrift store shopping has not lost its magic for me. When a win a multi-million dollar jackpot, I will still shift in thrift stores!! My menu of places to shop has evolved to include garage and estate sales, and church rummage sales. Even stuff given to me by friends and neighbors and associates that I no longer use can go up for sale.

I don’t have the money to jump right into this full throttle, but I’m adding a bit at a time, mostly the office end of it: notebooks, places to store stuff I want to sell, and backdrops to use photographing items. My product starter kit includes stuff I already own. That’s a large selection.

Thus, I have these competing emotions keeping me awake: stress over money shortages, and excitement over starting something new.

I little bit of start-up money would be really great, though.

Symbol for Jupiter, the planet of good fortune.

The progesterone side effect is here. I’m getting sleepy.


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