Sick, but have an appetite for popcorn

Been sick as hell fir the last two days. Friday night, at work, my throat got very sore. It didn’t feel like the usual post nasal drip sore associated with my continuous sinus infection.

Oviedo sky. Spring 2022. My photo. I spent literally 45 minutes trying to find the image I wanted. My photos took fucking forever to load…I settled on what was easy.

I was right. I acquired a cold on top of that. I felt so horrible Saturday night that my 4-9 co-worker agreed to switch and stay till closing so I could leave an hour early at 9 pm.

I slept most of the day Sunday. I felt better. Throat wasn’t as sore, as is usual with colds. The gunk I blew out of my nose was a pile of stuff that looked like it belonged in an episode of the, “X-Files.” I should still stay home on Monday, but I only have two hours of sick time left. My shift is from 1:45-10. Maybe I can have the 4-9 person switch again. I’m off on Tuesday.

I’m off a lot lately. Hours have been missing from my schedule. It’s more of a stimulus to look forward new work.

In the meantime, I’m reading the Michael Connelly mystery/crime suspense book Rose got me as a belated birthday gift. She’s been pretty awesome lately. We’ve had our bumpy issues, but a couple of months ago, I decided to try and concentrate on the things we have in common. She’s always had her good points. And, I know I can be a bitch if people piss me off. Anyway, I feel we are getting more united on getting out of this crappy apartment that we, nonetheless, are grateful it’s better that a cardboard box under an interstate overpass.

So, I was reading, minding my own business, reading Connelly’s latest, “Desert Star,” when my stomach growled. Fuck, I was just going to read fir a half an hour.

It grumbled more. I realized I wanted something kind of salty

Shit. Downstairs I went to pop some damn popcorn.

I guess I’ll be eating and reading and having to re-brush my teeth.

P.S. can’t wait till I have that nasal CT scan on the 15th. Then on my mom’s (in Heaven??) birthday, I get the CT scan results from Dr. Broger.

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