Just a few photos

I’m really exhausted, but I feel as though this blog is slipping away from me, and I feel the urgency to post something. I’m distraught over finances. Our rent is increasing by $100 on 3/1. With Vickie no longer here, that really hurts us.

I’m trying to not be super stressed. I’m going to have to make another Go Fund Me page. I still have lingering medical bills, unrelated to my accident, in which my car got totaled, but related to medical care I received during the accident recovery/ four months of medical leave period.

When my accident happened I was in the middle of being treated for four things that could have been cancer, in addition to the vascular condition I was receiving treatment for. Thank God only one of those things turned out to be cancer. It was squamous cell carcinoma, and when that shot-unconscious man rammed his Ford Ranger truck into three of us, I still had stitches in my left upper back, below the shoulder, where Dr. Moskowitz cut out the lesion.

So, I have those kinds of bills. The killer this month is the $500 lien on my auto registration for when my dead car was stored at the tow yard. Yeah, they got to keep my car and salvage it for parts and still charge me rent for taking up space in their yard.

This little giftie happens to be due on my birthday, February 19th, because in Florida, everybody’s auto tags expire on their birthdays. Yay!

I feel shitty that I have to do this—again. When I write my Go Fund Me, I will fill in more details.

In the meantime, I feel the need to finish my day with something more fun, as a relaxer. So, here are some photos. I can’t wait until I can insert NEW photos. That’s another mini soap opera.

Tribute at the Pulse Nightclub Memorial. June 2022. Orlando, Florida.
Sunflowers at work. Sprouts Farmers Market. Winter Park, Florida. Spring 2022.
Scary looking thunderheads over Winter Park, Florida. June 2022.
Cool oak tree I parked under when I visited the Pulse Memorial in June 2022. I don’t think it’s a Live Oak. They are much more sprawling with very fat trunks. Used to be my favorite tree until I lived where I park underneath one. The thing sheds more that cats. They are still beautiful trees.
Sky over Oviedo—Alafaya Woods area. Spring 2022. Seminole County, Florida.
Bo Bo the Wonder Dog, Vickie’s poochie. They had to move to Lakeland, in Polk County, which is close to Tampa. Spring 2022. Winter Springs, Florida.
Coffeeeeee, Nectar if the Gods. Legions Coffee East Colonial Drive, in Mills District, close to downtown Orlando. June 2022.
Clouds over a building in Key West on Duval Street. June 2005.
Sunlight blasting through the trees in the yard next to our apartment. Winter Springs, Florida. Spring 2022.
Valentine roses I got at Winn Dixie, in Casselberry. Who would have thought? I loathe Winn Dixie. This plant is still going strong. 2022.
Ok, not sure if this is the sky over the H&R Block in Tuskawilla, or sky over Sprouts in Winter Park. Spring 2022.
Sky over the parking lot at Walmart in Oviedo. Spring 2022.
Yeah, not a fun evening. My crushed Pontiac G6. Rammed into by a Rav 4. Holy moly, that was the first car hit. If anything was in the rear hatch of that car, it would have been destroyed. Casselberry. August 5th, 2021.
The license plate that will cost me $500 to renew. Napleton VW, Sanford, Florida. May 38th, 2022.
Poyndexter, the 2017 Nissan Rogue, my replacement car, that I got with my settlement check. Still costing me $290.44 a month. So far, I love it. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great car. It’s freedom from almost 10 months of no vehicle. And, it cost me a broken right shoulder, and a permanently messed up rotator cuff. May 29th, 2022. Winter Springs.

Oh, hey, here’s the Rav 4 that got shoved into my Pontiac. August 5th, 2021.
Sand dunes, Florence Oregon on Pacific Coast. May 1994.
Reflection in the Sandy River, Oxbow Park, Multnomah County, Oregon. Circa, 1994.
St. John’s Bridge, connecting NW Portland to N Portland. Oregon. Circa 1993.
Double rainbow over our street in Winter Springs, Florida. April 2022. I hope this brings me luck. I hope it brings luck to anyone looking at it. I tweaked the colors.

All photos are mine, taken by Pamela M. Sykes.

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