2:40 am blog post

Technically, it’s Friday. Psychologically, it’s Thursday night.

I’ve been feeling wound up and tired all day. My brain has slipped into planning mode. I’m still trying to repair my life.

My photo. Sky over my street. Spring 2021. Winter Springs, Florida

I’m getting ready to maybe peruse a magazine (free from work) on natural healing for a few minutes and then turn off the light, close my eyes, and slip off to sleep.

The sinus infection is still with me. The the tissues around my right orbit bone are tender again; when I press on that area over my eye, it feels as though I’m poking a bruise. That’s how it felt when I finally got to see my primary, Dr. Lauridsen, a couple of weeks ago. I’m congested. My right eye feels as though there is a knife in it, and my right ear feels like a screwdriver is jammed in there. The septum in my sinuses is deviated to the right. It seems the infection is living in the right side of my head.

Wednesday when I called my insurance company, Florida Blue, to have them email a list of EMT doctors I could go to, I got disconnected—four times. I finally said, “Fuck this,” and just googled EMT doctors in my area and started making calls. I called an office that was closed, but had the option of leaving a message. So, I did that, asking, “I need to know if you take Florida Blue insurance?” They called me back Thursday and left a message saying that they did.

I made myself late for work ( I called and warned them) and told them what was happening. Everyone at work knows I’ve been dealing with this nasty infection, which became full blown by early December, off and on since August. That’s when I had the flu, and I think that invited the nasty stuff into my sinuses. So, I really needed to get this action going.

I returned the call to the doctor and learned I had to have my primary send the referral before I could make an appointment. That’s one of the biggest pains about having HMO insurance—needing referrals for everything. Some offices will call my primary and ask for one so I don’t have to. I think most of my doctors do this. Thus, I had to go to my Orlando Health My Chart—that’s the patient portal by which all my Orlando Health Associates doctors and I can communicate. I sent a request for a referral to this ENT doctor, Gregory Borger MD. It’s supposed to be acted on within two days. That probably means Monday.

I hope I can return later today to write another post.


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