This sinus infection blows

A few days ago I felt an upswing in my energy level and hoped my sinus infection was getting beaten.

My sinuses feel like this. My photo, last Spring, Oviedo or Winter Springs, Florida.

Today is the last day of antibiotics—I take my last pill at bedtime. However, I had my doubts it’s really going away. I had tangible proof of that come out of my nose about two hours ago (5:30-ish pm ET); I blew out some yellow gunk. And, I still have pressure in my right ear and my right neck gland is still slightly swollen, Oh yay!

Also today I finally connected with the prospective ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor. That practice does not take my insurance. Double yay! So, now I will have to call Florida Blue for a list of ENT’s in my area that do take my insurance.

This is all so dispiriting. I have so much to do just around my house. Many of those chores involve dealing with dusty things. I’m allergic to dust. I guess I’ll be taking the antihistamine the stupid nurse practitioner (NP #2) prescribed as I force myself to work through the lack of energy.

I’m sick of this crap.

I still have to fix a bunion, and my right knee.

Oh goodie.

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