Healing continues—I hope.

Still on the mend from my sinus infection. I will finish my antibiotics on the 31st.

I experienced a bit of a backslide for about three days. Today, I feel a lot better. I hope it was just a matter of getting worse before I get better. The past two days I’ve had four sneezing fits. I hope that was my body expelling some bits of dying bacteria.

I’m sick of being sick and being exhausted and lethargic. I haven’t felt much like writing.

I’ve been playing phone tag with the prospective Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. I’m not even sure they take my insurance. Dr. Lauridsen said that if I run into that issue to call and she’ll get me a new referral. I hope they do take Florida Blue so I can get my sinus issue evaluated. I know I have a deviated septum and I think it has gotten worse. I might need surgery.

Today I returned home from work around 7 pm. It was dark so I couldn’t see the weirdness that occurred next to our front door. Rose filled me in on what she found in the middle of our walkway. Someone had broken one of my ceramic plant pots and my orchid plant was on the cement on its side, next to the broken pot. It was obvious this was deliberate.

A prank that went sideways? My obsessed stalker down from North Carolina? Another possible crazy man I know, who I doubt is this angry or nuts? A third possibility is a she associated to the crazy man mentioned in the previous question—could that be it? Someone trying to steal my orchid?

This happened in daylight, sometime before 1 pm—Rose thinks. She knows it was before she took out our recycling. She spends a lot of time upstairs in her room. So, she would not have heard any noises. I hope it’s a prank that went awry.

Just a peek into the window of my weird life. I prefer to receive lottery winnings weirdness.

Since I took this photo last Spring, I’ve acquired about five more plants, mostly ones too sick to sell at Sprouts. They were all free from management.

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