Sinus infection battle continues

….At least I have meds. It is 11:30 pm EST. I just took my bedtime doxycycline. That’s the antibiotic that Dr. Lauridsen prescribed. I’m down to my last prednisone, which I will take before breakfast tomorrow. I will be on the doxycycline for a total of two weeks.

I can’t lie down for at least 30 minutes after taking the doxycycline. So, I’m typing out a few words in this post. Lying down after taking the drug can cause nausea. I think it gave me the nausea I felt all day at work. Combined with the hunger the prednisone gives me, my stomach was a wreck. I think I got a build up of stomach acid. Eating actually mitigated that.

I began feeling better almost immediately after starting the antibiotic on Wednesday. On my day off Friday, I even got some household chores done. I felt progressively better until this morning. Now, however, the nausea seems to be passing. Rose and I met at our local Publix to get sandwiches. I got a Boar’s Head Everroast Chicken wrap with provolone cheese. I had to stop there for a couple of things and I really didn’t feel like cooking anything.

I’m working tomorrow—a mid-shift. Then I have off on Tuesday. Our latest schedule got posted on Friday and I only got 26 hours. That’s about ten fewer hours than my boss has been giving me. I am going to see if I can get one or two shifts at the Apopka store, which opened, I think, in May. One of our managers transferred there, so I might have a good chance of picking up extra hours.

Image from the internet.

It’s just been a weird day. On top of feeling a little illness backsliding from the stomach upset, I’ve been melancholy over a mystery that began in my life three years ago today. Actually, it’s more like an enigma.

Imagine from the internet.

He will always remain an enigma.

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