Saw my doctor this morning

I’m so relived. I’m on doxycycline for two weeks and prednisone for, I think, five days. It was supposed to be the pack that’s prescribed in a way that the doses taper down. The first day I take six 21mg pills, then the second that number goes down to five, and so on.

Yeah, it’s probably give me some insomnia, but as I recall, the prednisone packs cause me less insomnia.

There was a snafu. I got to Walgreens and was told that my insurance would not cover it. WTF? I’ve had the same policy for at least four years and been prescribed it at least three times without issue. So, the pharmacist called my doctor and improvised. Apparently, there’s a different version that my insurance will cover. I got loose pills with the same dosing instructions that come with the pack. So, I got both meds for free. It was kind of surreal.

Yeah, I can’t use this right now.

Dr. Lauridsen wanted me to take two days off. My sinuses are very inflamed. She could even see some swelling in my ears. I told her about my experience with the last nurse practitioner; she was annoyed. I included the part about her telling me she thought she saw a polyp. I was skeptical because I always read they were way up in the sinuses. My doctor looked confused, and said, “She wouldn’t have the equipment to even see polyps. They aren’t in the opening of your nostrils. An ENT has to put a scope up your nose.” “Thank you. That’s what I thought,” I replied.

I ended up taking today off, but I can’t afford to take the second day off. She wanted me to rest while the meds kick in. But, oh well, retail life. I just check my sick days. A few days ago I had three hours and 24 minutes of sick time, or thereabouts. Tonight when I checked I had four hours and 41 minutes. I requested to use four hours of it. That covers half my shift.

I’m going to make this post short. My head is pounding again, so I want to head upstairs. I might have to take a quick (second) shower cause I had a little fever sweat earlier, and the steam will be good for my sinuses.

I’m just so glad I was able to see her today. We also got my physical set up for March 9th. That means a new blood test at Quest. I also got my ENT referral.

My shift starts at 12:45 pm tomorrow. I double checked; I thought it was 12:30. An extra 15 of freedom.

Note; that stupid baby emoji with the hearts for eyes—that was a mistake. Stupid WordPress, the first image you insert into a post becomes the cover photo, and you can’t delete it. Trust me, I have no hearts for eyes right now. There is one guy, I could probably have those kind of eyes for, but he just wants to play games.

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