Hopefully, back to normal soon

Boy, do I feel like absolute crap. The sinus infection I first sought relief from on 12/13/22, is still raging.

The second nurse practitioner I saw at the Orlando Health After Hours Clinic on 1/3/23 really did me a disservice. She was, and probably still is, an idiot. It was pretty damn obvious that I was having a rebound infection. Instead, she decided I was having an allergy attack. Because she put me on a steroid (Prednisone) and an antihistamine—something that was supposed to be better than Benedryl—my infection is worse than it was on 12/13.

I was finally successful in getting an appointment with my excellent primary physician, Dr. Deborah Lauridsen. I go see her on Wednesday 1/18. I had to move my work shift around. Right now I feel so absolutely crappy, that I’m not even sure I’ll be well enough to work my 9-5:30 shift, or my Wednesday shift that was changed to 11:30-7, to accommodate my doctor’s appointment.

I’m so very grateful to have kind, understanding bosses. Walmart would not have worked with me. I would had to call out, get an, “occurrence,” (think punishment), even with a doctor’s excuse. At Walmart, such an excuse has the same weight as a gum wrapper.

So, I’m grateful to be working for good people.

I hope I will soon be able to get my energy back and revamp my blog the way I want to. I think my doctor will have to put me on a month’s worth of antibiotics. I’m eating a lot of probiotics, so that will help. I also need a referral to an ear, nose, and throat doctor to get evaluated for possible deviated septum surgery.

Please, wish me luck. Thank you.

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