Good COVID news

Today was my first day back from my staycation—which was a bust—so, I took a home COVID test, and it was negative.

I was told on Tuesday that my good friend, Chelle, had tested positive that day. We had just got together at Blue Spring State Park on Sunday. I knew when I took the test on Tuesday that I could be too early, but these knew subvariants start showing up sooner than the original beastie did.

Because I was returning to work, I did another test. Whew! But, unfortunately, I still have to wear a mask fir five days. I did the first five days at home.

I’m on lunch, so this is abbreviated. I’m still working on photos to post.

Gotta go pick up my sandwich from the deli.


4 thoughts on “Good COVID news

  1. I HATE that Covid is still around. I’ve had it TWICE even after being vaxed and booster (but obviously need an updated booster). I’m glad you tested negative. Might want to test again in a couple days, especially if you start showing symptoms.

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    1. Yep, plan on it. My friend, Chelle, who I might have gotten it from, now has had it three times. Ugh. She said this last time was her worst. She thinks it’s because this case came a lot longer after her booster. I thought I was a goner because my last vax was in May. I haven’t had the omicron one yet. I’ve dodged this bullet so many times.I’m lucky 🍀


      1. That’s great you’ve been so lucky! Yeah, Covid isn’t fun, but for most of us it’s just a bad cold. Though my main concern is spreading it to people whose health is vulnerable.

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