Another COVID scare

This time it’s not from within my household. I may have been exposed on Sunday when I met up with a friend at Blue Spring State Park.

That would be my luck; I finally take the time to do something fun and I get an unexpected and unwanted surprise.

Image from the internet.

When my friend texted me of her unexpected positive COVID test, I broke out my last package of free governmental tests. Mine came back negative. I may have tested too early. The latest info I dug up is that with the latest subvariants, symptoms, or the virus appears within three to five days. It’s a much shorter time spam than with the initial COVID variety. There have been so many, I can’t even recall it’s official name.

The only possible symptom I’m having is congestion and constant sinus drainage. Nothing new for me for this time of year. So, I’m crossing my fingers.

I’m up to date with all the shots except the latest booster, which I was going to get this week. When I get that depends upon my test results on Friday.

As for my friend, Chelle, I can’t be mad at her. She’s one of the smartest, most responsible people I know. She’s been the recipient of bad luck. Via text she told me she most likely got it from a co-worker, as she was informed a few people in her office have it. Would have been nice to know, so she could have been masking.

She’s feeling pretty damn crappy. Hers began with a scratchy sore throat, which she had a mild form of on Sunday. But, we were surrounded by nature and moldy things stirred up by Hurricane Ian. Her scratchy throat got worse and she got tested yesterday.

I’m going to retest myself on Friday, which will be day five. I’m masking up at home and will when I go pick up my prescriptions at Walgreens and go to Publix.

Damn, this was my week to work on my pit of a home. I’ve been lethargic since my breast biopsy on Monday (less so today), so I haven’t done much. Oh yay! I rescheduled my venous (circulation) test I had for today since I don’t want to give anyone COVID, if I have it.

So far, I haven’t had it. I don’t want that shit. I don’t want the possibility of long term health issues. I don’t want ANYTHING messing with my cognitive functions.

I just wish we could be closer to done with COVID. I know are all exhausted by it.

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