A little excursion today….pics coming

I finally got to go to Blue Spring State Park. I met my friend, Chelle, there. The kayaking, canoeing, tubing, cave diving, and swimming options were all closed because of the flooding caused by Hurricane Ian—a month ago. Many areas were still under water.

My photo. Local sky.

What is eye-opening is that Ian made landfall near Ft. Myers and Sanibel island—clear across the state—on the Gulf side—hundreds of miles from us—and by the time Ian reached this more Eastern part of Florida, it was a tropical storm—not even a hurricane—and the damage was obvious.

I can only imagine what Lee County is dealing with. Unspeakable devastation.

Basically, I just wanted to tell ya’ll I’m still here. I’m busy as crap. Tomorrow I am having a biopsy of my left breast. I’m kind of worried.

I’m also a little worried cause Chelle had a longer drive than I did. She was going to Palm Coast. I haven’t heard that she got home yet; I’ve been home about an hour.

It was great to get out of Orlando and commune with nature. It was also reassuring that I saw yard signs for Democratic candidate for Governor, Charlie Crist. There were a lot of signs for Val Demings, too. She’s the Democrat trying to boot Marco Rubio, once dubbed, “Little Marco,” by the orange buffoon, legally known as trump.

So, when I get my upgrade on this platform, I will be able to post some park pics.

Ok, Chelle just texted. She’s home.

It’s 7:14 pm in the Eastern US time zone, and it’s time for a shower, and there is another lizard loose in our living room. Yay!

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