Some giggles and insults hurled at the right

Bless her precious lil’ heart, that moron, MTG. Georgia, ya’ll need to dump her.
Yeah, been here.
Shouldn’t need an explanation.
Unfortunately, I’ve been co-workers with too many of these cashiers.
I just love this one.
Sex? What is sex?
Oh I pray for this everyday.
Yeah, WTAF?

Cat parents know
They disgust me.
Not even God is infallible.
Then there is that other reinvention who is the current governor of Florida.
Apologies to Vincent.
Aww, they will be the best of chums.
Ain’t it the truth?
Not much of a stretch.
Good enough point made here that I forgive the incorrect use of the apostrophe.
Ah, childhood in the 60’s and 70’s.
I wish I could unsee that gut.
The truth.
Also, the truth.
Well, I need a hot shower first.
Yes, they are both assholes.
I must be Wonder Woman.
Te Kill ya!
Yep, that would be the case.
My dad would have howled.
This is me.
This is why I have indoor kitties.

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