Just chillin’ with some visuals

All photos by me, Pamela Sykes.

Hurry up and get here, Damnit.
I think this is WInter Park, sometime in September 2022.
Tribute at the Pulse Memorial June 14, 2022. Downtown Orlando.
Victims of the Pulse Nightclub mass shooting. Pulse Memorial. Downtown Orlando. June 14, 2022.
Sky over my street. Winter Springs. May 2022.
Sun blasting through palms in my front yard. Winter Springs. April 2022.
So much Tillamook Ice Cream; so little time. Ice cream on sale at Sprouts in Winter Park. March or April 2022.
Zach Taylor Beach, Key West. June 2005.
Bonita Beach, Lee County. Pre-Hurricane Ian! Sometime in Spring 2001.
Sunset on Ft. Myers Beach. Also, pre-Hurricane Ian. Spring 2001.
Sky over my street. Winter Springs. Early Spring 2022.
Oxalis in my yard. Early Spring 2022.
Oviedo sky reflected on the mirror of Vickie’s Honda. January or February 2022. And, oh, is that an omen? I think that’s a white Nissan Rogue behind her car.
May, or early June 2022. Poyndexter, my Nissan Rogue, freshly purchased. Winter Springs.
January 2022. Vickie dumping me off at Sprouts around 6 am. I’m so glad I have Poyndexter and don’t have to see my job at this Satan’s hour anymore!!!!
Tweaked rainbow photo. Casselberry April 2022.
February 2022. The most hilarious Valentine’s Day sale, ever. Publix #62, Winter Springs.
Moon through the trees on my street Winter Springs. January 2022.
The slope of Mt. Hood, Oregon. About 1000 feet up and behind Timberline Lodge. July 1994.
My rock from Chelle. She rocks. July 2021. Winter Springs.

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