VOTE 11/8/2022

The mid-term elections happen in the US tomorrow. I’m pretty sure we are going to suffer the re-election of Ron DeSatan. Ugh, I’m voting for the other guy, Charlie Crist. I’m voting straight blue. Democrats all the way. There are way too many untrustworthy crazies in the Republican Party to take a chance on any of them.

Image taken from the internet.

I did not vote early. My ballot got stuck in the couch where one of the roomies usually sits. I have to work 11-7 tomorrow. So, I’ll be getting up very early to go vote before work. Yay!

I’ll have a lot of residency decisions to make. If DeSatan gets re-installed.

I heard from my ex, who moved back to Portland last year. He’s scared cause Oregon is flirting with turning slightly red. That’s almost unheard of. Still, he says he dies not miss Florida at all and is loving that he moved back.

My activities tonight include making falafel for dinner and studying what Seminole County judges should be fired.

My local news is on. The big story is Tropical Storm Nicole which seems to be planning on circling around Orlando. We are supposed to start getting impacted by the storm on Wednesday. There’s parts of Eastern Seminole County that are still under water from Ian flooding the St. John’s River. It’s going to totally suck for them. I was just reminded of how lucky we were here where we live in Winter Springs. Our town, as a whole, received the most amount of rain in our area-a total of 22 inches. Our immediate area had zero flooding! Miracle

2 thoughts on “VOTE 11/8/2022

    1. Yeah, apparently the Republican candidate for Governor is doing pretty good. We lived there from 1992-1999, and it was very left. But, you have to remember that the majority of the population lives West of the Cascades. There are many colleges and universities there. Those areas (save for around “schools” with fundamental Christian leanings) tend to be liberal. East of the Cascades: almost completely opposite situation. Not as many universities, lower populations, lots of ranches, and rural small towns. These are red areas. So, not ALL of Oregon is blue. Plus, there is a lot of conflict over all the rioting in PDX in 2020, even though the police admit that was mostly caused by groups there (many from out of state) just to disrupt the Black Lives Matter protests. Also remember that, unfortunately, the Pacific Northwest has an ugly history of producing white supremacy groups.


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