A collection of images

Gay gay GaY GAY gAY. The sign at Pulse on Orange Avenue in Orlando. My photo, and my finger. June 14, 2022.
Stolen from the internet.
A book I need to read. My photo. My book. Summer 2022.
Books I have read already. My photo. Summer 2022.
Best mocha I’ve had since leaving Portland in 1999. Legions Coffee. Colonial Drive, near Mills. Orlando. My photo. My coffee June 14, 2022.
The Pulse Memorial. Orange Avenue. Downtown Orlando. Two days after the sixth anniversary of the massacre. June 14, 2022. My photo.
Rainbows over my street in Winter Springs. Spring 2022. My photo. I played around with the colors.
No, not a space ship. Just a normal Florida Summer thunder head, about to empty. June 2022. My photo.
Sky over my yard in Winter Springs. Spring 2022. My photo.
My Rose. My photo. My yard. Spring 2022.
Sunflowers for sale at Sprouts in Winter Park. My photo. Spring 2022.
My mini roses. April 2022. Winter Springs. My photo.
May 1994. Florence, Oregon. My photo.
The Columbia River Gorge. Oregon on left. Washington on right. My photo. Mid-1990’s.
Mt. Hood viewed through the window in the lobby of Timberline Lodge. My photo. May 1993. Redrum, redrum, redrum.
Vickie’s (roommate #2) dog, Bo. Spring 2022.
My babygirl, Cammie, who left this plane in December 2020. My photo. Circa 2019.
The Moon over my street. August 2021. My photo.

How ‘bout some funnies….all of them taken from the internet.

This is probably an insult to Jabba.

2 thoughts on “A collection of images

    1. Thank you! I’m trying to update my WP plan. When I was asked if I wanted to use a domain name I already own, I typed sykeology219.com and I was informed that that name had already been registered. Yeah, to me. Is Zuckerberg running things now? Sheesh. Pop by anytime. I hope to be able to add NEW images soon.


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