Free association Friday

Depressed. I’m scared we are going to get stuck with DeSatan, here in Florida.

I want to do volunteer work for his opponent, Charlie Crist. But, health issues popping up. Nothing serious. They just cut into my free time.

Interesting if I get a surprise, “visit,” from someone on my next dermatologist appointment. Lol. I wish he’d just find the courage to tell me what he wants which might give me courage enough to approach him. I wish he wasn’t adorable, intelligent, or talented. Then there’s be no attraction for me.

Getting ready to make my falafel salad. Oven just reached the cooking temperature.

I work 11-7 tomorrow. At least I’m not opening or closing.

Sky over Winter Park—I think. I know I took this this past Summer.

A lot of stuff swirling in my mind. I seriously wish I could run away for a respite.

Falafel balls are in the oven.

I want to I’ve from this abode. I want to live in a pest-free, safe, clean, home that I will love that is all mine.

I wish I could afford to scuttle an albatross from my domicile. I’m sick of energy vampires.

Getting rid of bad energy might draw in good energy. I have keep saying that until I believe it.

Falafel salad made. Also having hummus with naan bread. India meets the Middle East. Can you say, “I love garbanzos?” I’m sure I won’t be pleasant to be around in a couple of hours. Lol.

Been eating my falafel as a salad since I got sick of exploding pita bread. I’d post a photo except I haven’t picked an updated plan with WordPress yet. Money scares me.

Car repairs scare me. Men I’m intensely attracted to scare me. I’m never attracted to a man who hasn’t demonstrated intelligence. Or, a wicked sense of humor. Or, both.

I’m that way with celebrity crushes too. To me, even in his prime, Tom Cruise was/is still a dud.

The TV show, “SWAT,” was on. Episode was filmed in Thailand. Am I going to crave Thai food later? Probably.


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