Fourth car payment made

I paid it at about 1 am EST, an hour after my check got deposited.

It feels kind of good to pay it because I feel like I’m getting a step closer to improving my credit.

I really want to nail down an at home job—content writing would be awesome, but any job that enables me to not leave my home and still get paid, is desirable. I still want to keep my job at Sprouts—at least a few shifts a week. I am so much more comfortable there now that there is better front end management. Yousolousy (My friend, Chelle’s, nickname for the previous manager) is gone. Now that she’s been gone for over a year, I’m learning that, probably, 80% of the store’s employees hated her. She was a bully.

This venting is kind of a tangent.

I like the employee discount and the fact that I’m working for a company that sells quality. I also enjoy almost all my co-workers. Since I’m going to need time off for bunion surgery and then a right knee replacement, I want to stay where I am for the disability insurance. I don’t want to have to totally depend upon a Go Fund Me campaign. I was extremely lucky twice—mostly due to my friend, Kim, advertising my plight on her YouTube channel. She’s awesome. She’s always helping others in need. If she won Powerball, she’d probably give 90% to charity.

I just want to improve my financial standing and my stability. I want the money to live on my own. I do enjoy Vickie, and even, Rose, at times, but I miss having my own place and making my own household decisions. The only human I want to live with is a significant other I share a mutual love with. That’s definitely not on the horizon, and it’s not my focus right now. Finances are.

Having this car payment responsibility makes me think a few times before I blow money on anything I might not need. Every couple of months I let myself splurge a little. I just got an NFL jersey—I’m stuck with the Patriots, for now. My co-worker gets them from a buddy. He’s supposed to be getting me a bigger Bucs jersey. Says it’s on the house. I also just got a new tablet device. I still need to set it up. It’s an Android, so it’s going to be interesting using an iPhone and this Android tablet. Together the two purchases were under $70. So, that’s not horrible splurging. But, I’m stopping there for awhile.

Wednesday was a challenging day with money. I got into my car—the one I just spent $290 on this morning—at 8:20 am to go to work and my battery died. Well, at first I was terrified it was something more complicated. My last two cars were 2005 models. My Rogue is a 2017 with a lot more bells and whistles. It did turn out to be just a battery, but that cost me $190. I was hoping to put at least half my paycheck into savings, which is the pot I take my car payments from. Instead I moved $100 into savings.

I’m just trying to navigate my cash flow and learning how to build some savings.

I hope the Universe sends me a bone or two.

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