Very brief updates

Been busy. Mostly in my head. Making decisions.

My photo. Pretty sure this is Wyoming. 1992.

Purging certain people from my life. Three piles: steadfast keepers—mostly people I’ve know for years, or even decades, or newcomers I feel a strong bond with; people who I think have hope, but are unsure of their motivations, but know they are not nefarious; toxic people—I have a post brewing about how, too often, toxicity is defined as, “in your face,” or aggression—toxicity can be the passive person. One of these people in my life is going to get booted, but I have to build a strategy.

Also purging things out of my life. Stuff has accumulated. I have an SUV now, the work that was on hold for eight months because of my accident last year can happen now.

One impediment to that work has been the presence of the afore mentioned toxic person. Tired of being stuck if the dysfunctional rabbit hole she creates that I keep falling into.

I’m trying to fortify myself to the fact that bills will increase because of the loss of this person in the household. But, I need to put into practice the phenomenon that cutting out the bad energy makes room for the good energy to move in. Maybe this energy will move me closer to my dreams and goals.

Speaking of goals. I seriously want to return to school. I don’t believe in retirement. I believe in working on the things I love until you croak. I am being pulled in four different directions: anthropology MA, after finishing that BA—I have four classes to finish; entering an MA program in counseling. There are two options at UCF—one via the education department, and one in the psychology department. There is also the online degree option. This one is sticky. I just know that the quality of education of online programs just does not match up with the in person experience. Dear God, if they ever offer medical degrees online, I will avoid those, “doctors,” at all costs—even if some of that learning involves the virtual kind. There is also the cognitive research option out there. God, I love research; it’s the foundation of counseling.

The trump experience has my psychology neurons vibrating. One thing that a-hole has done is ramp up the importance of studying mental health.

These are a few of the things going on in my head.

For now, I have CPAP parts to wash.


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