More COVID at home

I’m not happy. I took Vickie to the ER today. Her symptoms were nausea, frequent vomiting that sometimes contained spots of blood, and a huge headache she’d had since Saturday or Sunday. She wasn’t really coughing much, or sneezing.

I guess I’ll be wearing these again—even at home.

After about three hours in the ER at South Seminole Hospital in Longwood, she emerged from examination with a diagnosis. COVID, that she’s had for a very long time. It’s suspected she had it the same time Rose tested positive on July 17th. About that time Vickie was also coughing up a storm. My gut told me it was COVID. I told her we needed to get tested because Rose had it. I got tested. I was negative. Vickie was probably positive. But, she did not get tested.

So far, I have been extremely lucky. I’ve been tested two other times since the end of July and August. All negative.

I’m going to test myself again tonight.

Folks, if you suspect you have a cold, cough, flu, sinus infection, or anything similar, please get tested.

If you are medically able, get all the damn shots. We are up to the fifth one. I’ve had four. I’m trying to make an appointment to get the latest booster. And, I will get it.

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