Yes, I’m still here

Ian is gone…long gone. Sadness, death and devastation left in its wake. We were extremely lucky.

Sky over Winter Park. Spring 2022. My photo.

I’ve been exhausted. I’m slowly getting used to working full schedules. I really haven’t in almost a year.

It doesn’t help that my hours are screwy: mornings, afternoons, nights. This was easier in my 20’s and 30’s. I need cashola, so for now, it’s helping. But, I want to plan out gym workouts; I want time to exercise!

If I can keep this up, I can maybe sock away more money to move from this dump when I add it to my tax refund. I refuse to resign my fate to living in this barely tolerable domestic situation.

Vickie SHOULD have her own room. And the two of us who actually want to be clean, and have a clean, organized home, are really sick of the Entitled One. She’s still here for financial reasons.

I have so much on my plate. I’ll be back. I have Thursday and Friday off. I’ll try not to let myself sleep most of the day. Exhaustion and depression is a difficult combination to deal with.


Thank God for my happy pills. Thank You Obama and Biden fir Obamacare!!! The pink one is Bupropion. The yellow one is Oxcarbazepine. My photo.

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