Getting pummeled by Ian

I had to work today. It was supposed to be a 9-5:30 shift. A couple hours into it, management announced that we were closing at 3 pm. Our store will be closed tomorrow, but if we are scheduled to work, we will get paid. So, that’s something good.

My store as seen through the window of Vickie’s car, earlier this year.

Ian pushed onto Florida’s West Coast at 3:05 pm at Cayo Costa. There’s a state park there. It’s kind of between Ft. Myers and Port Charlotte. It’s beautiful.

I’m making this a quickie cause we are getting tons of wind and rain, and some lightning and thunder. Hurricanes don’t always produce thunder and lightning. I took a quick shower when I got home. That’s not such a good idea because of the chance of drawing in electricity from the lightning. I’ve been living in Florida for 50 years, and Ian is my 16th named storm. I haven’t been zapped yet. *crossing fingers.* I just would not be able to relax without hot water and soap slopped all over me.

Ian has been pretty rude, so far. The storm has flooded Naples and Ft. Myers. My ex-husband, who now lives in Portland, Oregon (he’s so happy to be back there) was talking to his brother, Jon, who lives in Port Charlotte, where they were raised, when Jon’s phone went dead. He was in the middle of describing how huge the winds were.

Well, here, over a hundred miles from Port Charlotte, we are getting hammered, too. By winds and rain, not by booze. Although, I am about to open a bottle of Williamette Valley Pinot Noir,

I’m going to write a post the old fashioned way: with a pen and paper—for tomorrow, after I’ve upgraded my plan with WordPress. I finally decided on one, but I shouldn’t be poking around too much on this device. So, I’m waiting to do that after Ian departs. After the upgrade I’ll be able to add current photos,

Yeah, I wish we had these kinds of clouds right now. Instead we have the pale gray slab of hurricane coverage. Both images are mine.

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