Ian prep

UPDATE: It’s 7:46 pm. Correction. Busch Gardens and Disney World are closing tomorrow. I just moved Poyndexter, my Nissan Rogue, to the rear lot. Cars are piling up back there. Most of us parallel park on our street, in front of our buildings.

It’s 6:47 pm in this part of Florida. Overnight the expected landfall of Hurricane Ian moved south, and more east. It’s going to hit us somewhere between Tampa Bay (my hometown area) and Ft.Myers, with a high chance it will hit Port Charlotte (lived there for two years), and Punta Gorda, where Charley hit in 2004.

Instead of landing as a Category 3 in Tampa Bay, it’s projected to land earlier, in Charlotte Harbor, as a Category 4.

If it stays on this track, like Charley did, it could drill a path up the state through Orlando (about where I live now), and exit the state into the Atlantic Ocean, where, oh goodie, regain some strength.

I’m about to go outside and pull our trash barrel and recycling bins into our storage room. I’m almost done pulling in my plants. Basically, anything that could become a missile, needs to be tucked away from winds.

I’m scheduled to work at 9 am tomorrow. I still haven’t heard if we’re open, or not. My Walmart-employed roommates haven’t heard anything either. It kills me the way the retail world acts as if it’s curing cancer. Disney and the other theme parks already know they are closing. Busch Gardens in Tampa closed earlier today.

Well, on my way upstairs for suitable shoes. We have no rain, for now.

This is not Ian’s path. I still have to make my upgrade with WordPress so that I can use new images. This path is kind of similar to what was initially projected for Ian. Image is from a screenshot of a broadcast on WKMG Channel 6 in Orlando.

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