You flummox me, Enigma Man

I want you to please tell me what you want from me. You want something—why were you there in the parking lot after my appointment on the 15th? I thought you were a mirage.

The ending of one phase or chapter of life always leads into the next. Some things just have to end before new things can grow.

You stunned me so much I didn’t know how to react. You tend to do that to me a lot.

Yeah, this planet (Uranus) opposes your Venus. proof you are nuts. Lol.

I felt like you kind of lingered as I walked to my car. Did you want me to approach you? You started this. You have the attachment that you need to deal with. If you are truly unhappy, you need to express that.

I just want to understand…if we talked about things, you might learn that the feelings are mutual. There are these things called, “phones.” The phone was invented a long time ago by Alexander Graham Bell. Since those days, we’ve developed, “smart phones.” You can call and send text messages. Just in case you forgot. Lol.

This all seems bigger than you; I hope you have a counselor to help you navigate what’s in your head and in your heart.

Stay safe if we get this stupid hurricane.

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