I hate that I haven’t been here lately

Busy. Messed up hours because of tsunami-like changes to my schedule—the whole front end is going through that. But, I’m not twenty-something anymore; fatigue is painful.

I have so many pieces of writing spinning in my mind right now, and no time to articulate them here. It’s maddening and depressing.

Until tonight I was scheduled to work six consecutive days. Nope, no overtime. It’s split over two weeks. Retail. Happens every week to somebody.

I heard a couple of days ago that President Biden is going to be in the Orlando area to stump for Charlie Crist who is vying to boot Horrible Human/Horrible Governor R. DeSantis (or as we sometimes call him: DeSatan) on Tuesday 9/27. I was scheduled to work 4-9. I got someone to switch with me. I’ll be working her Thursday, and she’ll be working my Tuesday.

That will give me something else to write about.

He’s got to be fired. Worst Governor of Florida, ever. Worse than Rick Scott.

I hope I can squeeze in a couple of posts before then.

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