Post under construction

Two days ago I started writing a new post. My schedule hasn’t allowed me to have the time to return to it.

It was growing away from my initial plan and started turning into a narrative of my journey that has brought me my current crossroads. It expanded itself. It’s probably going to be a two parter.

I’m also trying to break the habit of poking around on these blue light devices close to bedtime.

Thus, I’m here and writing is brewing in my mind.

Since I’m going to publish this first, but saved the post I was working on, when I do publish that it will appear below this post in my blog roll. I really hate that feature on WordPress. Posts should appear in the order in which they are published. Oh well, I just have to tolerate it.

This post I’m working on is therapeutic to me. It’s helping me put things in perspective and make some life choices.

The timer just went off on my falafel. I’m about to eat dinner.

Be back tomorrow.

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