Crossing my fingers

For two consecutive days, I’ve not felt as though I’m getting a sinus infection. Whew! I’m exhausted, but this feels like garden variety lack of sleep exhaustion rather than having had my energy sucked out by a giant vacuum exhaustion.

Image from the internet.

The garden where I got my exhaustion is named, “The X-Files.” I wanted to stay up and watch one of my favorite episodes: number 20 from the inaugural season. Named, “Darkness Falls,” it’s about loggers getting attacked by ancient fluorescent green mites that wrap their victims in cocoons. The mites were released when one of the loggers illegally cut down an old growth Douglas Fir that was marked as not harvestable. Poetic justice. The story was set in Washington state’s Olympic National Forest. More poetic justice. This was the episode that stamped me as an, “X-Files,” addict.

That episode began at midnight and ended at 1:00 am. I only had to work a four hour shift today. Thus, I figured my pain wouldn’t be horrible.

I’m going to have some dinner, wash my CPAP machine parts, have a small bowl of Tillamook mudslide ice cream and go to bed.

A container of Tillamook ice cream that was in my freezer. It is long deceased.

Hopefully, it will turn out I’m beating the fatigue, and I’m really not getting a post flu sinus infection.

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