Images and thoughts

Can’t relax. I took an alprazolam (generic Xanax). Too many ideas, concepts, disappointments, uncertainties, fears, anger, and just plain unease flowing through me.

My anger is mostly political. trump, what a cipher ( I dated a guy with the last name of Cypher. He lived up to that). And, I just can’t understand or relate to his MAGA groupies.

Here are some of my photographs that make me feel less angry.

Missing formal higher education. Learning makes me manic.
Some of my anthropology textbooks from my classes at UCF (University of Central Florida).
Oak trees are one of my faves.
Still stunned that this is my car, Poyndexter. I think I’m going to make my September payment early.

Speaking of payments: one of the smartest things I did this year was pay the remainder of the year’s health and dental insurance in a lump—for each—when I got my tax refund.

Sun over Oviedo this Spring.
Rose plant I got at Winn Dixie.
Rose plant I got at Publix.
A page from an Elizabeth George novel I recently read. I need to go to the used bookstore for a couple more novels.
Rainbow photo I tweeked.This rainbow was over our street this past Spring.
Tributes at the Pulse Memorial this past June. I’m glad I finally got to go pay my respects to the 49 innocents who were slain.
Seeds from the palm tree in our yard, this Spring.
Oxalis (clover) growing through the slats of a busted gate. January or February 2022.
Sky over my apartment in Winter Springs, Florida. February or March 2022.
Rain clouds trying to take over Winter Park skies. About April or May 2022.
Winter Park sky photo I tweeked. About February 2022.
I really want my paychecks to come from using words. My magnetic Poetry kit. June or July 2022.
More Oxalis in my yard. January or February 2022.
A reminder I need to call to see if they still offer free counseling done by grad students. Plus, I need to go talk to an advisor on campus to see about getting back to finish my anthropology degree. Going to school makes me so happy.
How can I ever forget 8/5/2021?
The moon over my apartment very early on a January or February (?) morning in 2022. Vickie was taking me to work before she went to her own work shift.
Rainier or Ruby cherries from Washington state. May 2022. I love these things.
That’s me:Florida grown. About March 2022. My Sprout’s name tag.
Cool painted rock Chelle gave me. July 2021.
Sunflowers for sale at Sprout’s. May or June 2022. When I get my own house and my own yard I want to grow bunches of these.
Sky over my street in Winter Springs. Sometime in March or April 2022.
Sunlight bursting through trees near my apartment in Winter Springs. March or April 2022.
Zachary Taylor Beach in Key West, Florida. June 2005.
Bonita Beach, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico. About 2000.
Oviedo, Florida sky reflected in the side mirror of Vicki’s Honda. She’d fetched me from work. January 2022.
June 2005. Sun setting over the Lower Florida Keys.
My baby girl, Cammie, who died at 17 in 12/2020. I miss her every damn day.
I definitely miss having a significant other. This is from my personal Rider-Waite Tarot deck.
Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. 2000.
I took this photo of my orthopedic’s handiwork. This is an X-Ray of my knees he showed me on his laptop May 12, 2021. The knee on the right is my left knee, which is still the happiest part of my body.
Another of my favorite Tarot cards also from my Rider-Waite deck.
Coffee: nectar of the Gods. Orlando. June 2022.
The glowing speedometer of my 2005 Volkswagen Beetle. I took this in around 2018. That was the year I killed this car, The sunroof got stuck open. I didn’t have the money to get it fixed. I used a tarp over the small slit of an opening. That failed one day and the dash got flooded. It took two months for all the water to reach the computer and kill it. If I just would have said, “No,” to giving someone a ride, it might not have happened.
Card 17 of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Again, this is a card from my Rider-Waite deck. The Star is a very hopeful card associated with the sign Aquarius. It’s my favorite card. I hope that the remainder of my life is symbolic of this card.

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