Trying to leave work

My shift was supposed to end at 4:00 pm, but the 4:00 pm cashier was stuck on I-4 in an accident backup. Funny thing, it doesn’t always take an accident on I-4 to turn it into a parking lot. She got here around 4:35. I clocked out at 4:40.

I wish snapdragon apples were in season.

I usually have to take some decompression time when I know I need things from here, but my brain is mush, and is still swirling with produce codes. So, I have to sit and re-boot to remember what I need.

I like to think it’s from learning to not rush around like a headless chicken, rather than from an aging memory. Ha!

I do have some good news. I don’t feel sinus infection symptoms. I think the root of my problem is needing good restful sleep and life improvement.

I’m a bit discouraged that I lost almost two weeks of progress on life projects: the gym, and business planning. Hopefully, the sinus infection will not manifest and time and money will!

It’s 5:14 pm. I think I have my Sprouts grocery list in my head. I’m going to go snag a cart and peruse.


P.S. it’s 5:18. I think I hear it pouring outside. Yay!

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