A quickie before bed

I just realized how naughty that sounds. Ugh, not getting lucky. Then again, the only luck I do want is from the Florida Lottery. I’ve given up all hope of getting THAT kind of lucky.

I’m through with most of the flu, but the fatigue does not want to recede. I had a scary thought today, though, when I realized my sinuses are plugged, my ears have sharp pressure….and I know often you get a sinus infection after getting a cold because the cold virus lowers the immune system and let’s in more nasty germs. Yay! After feeling that bowling ball feeling in my forehead when I leaned over at work today, I thought, God, please don’t turn into a sinus infection.

Great, I just sneezed three times.

I can’t afford this.

Anyway, I wanted to tell everyone that I’m still here. I’m busy on top of being busy, but I’m here trying to scratch forward.

Vickie and I had a good talk about house purging/cleaning/reorganizing strategy. That improved my mood.

I’m not sure when I can get back here to write a real post. I’m just seriously fatigued and have been for going on three weeks because it took two weeks for all my flu symptoms to show up. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if my immune system is waving a white flag of surrender. I met a woman at work today. We talked as I rang up her order and she told me her son just got over the flu that arrived in the same manner mine did.

I’m not going into my latest frustrations; I don’t want to get riled because I work tomorrow from 10:15-4. I need to sleep. What I seriously want and need is a respite from my current life. I need a change of scenery. I want and need permanent positive change of almost everything.

For now, G’night, all.

The Cascade Mountains in northern Oregon. The view out of my airplane window on our trip from Tampa to Portland in August 1998. I think the mountain on second from the right is Mt. Hood. Photo by me.

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