It’s been a year since my four car accident

It’s 5:09 pm EST. A year ago, at this time of day, I was working the last hour of my cashier shift at Sprouts. I was also roughly two and a half hours from being in a four car collision in Casselberry on my way home from that shift—a shift that was much later than the ones I usually worked.

My ex car.
The totaled Rav 4.
The Chevy Trailblazer my car was shoved into. It sustained about $7,000 worth of damage and the driver was basically unscathed. She was pretty awesome, actually. She went car to car checking on everyone.
The domino that started it. The driver was unconscious when he hit us. He was unconscious because he’d been shot. He was shot because he was up to no good.

I wish I could say I was 100% better, but I can’t. My rotator cuff will probably be giving me fits for the rest of my life. Yet, I’m grateful. Any of us could have been killed at that red light. None of us were. I’m grateful the bodily damage was not worse.

Three vehicles were killed. The guy who caused the accident was driving a Ford Ranger. He totaled that truck, the Toyota Rav 4 he slammed into, and my Pontiac G6.

It’s been a crazy year. I’m sure trying to make it better.

Rainbow over Florida Pine trees along Winter Park Drive in Casselberry.

All photos taken by me.

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