I’ve reached my 6GB limit

Apparently, this is why I cannot post new photos. I have to use ones already in my WordPress media file. These are images I’ve already used in blog posts.

It’s fixable, but I need my computer to access my full WordPress dashboard.

I just finished poking around the Powell’s Books website for various books on blogging. I want to put more time and effort into my blog, make it more professional, draw in more followers—I greatly appreciate the ones I have—thank you very much. I’m grateful to everyone who pops by for a read, or a gander.

While I was perusing Powell’s, I also looked for a used Nissan Rogue owner’s manual. Yep, Powell’s has some Nissan manuals. They are mostly so ancient they are called by their first American name, Datsun. Yeah, some of those manuals go back to 1986!!!

I still can’t believe it’s mine. I still can’t believe I’ll have the money for a year’s worth of payments, if I’m smart. I need a better job. I want a better way of earning good money.

I guess, I’ll have to order from Amazon. Errgh, I loathe Jeff Bezos. He ruined Whole Foods. That’s what I hear from some of my co-workers who worked there pre-and post-Bezos. Many of them jumped ship because of what he did to the company. Anyway, I might be stuck giving that pinhead my business.

It’s late—2:00 am EST. I’m just jotting this down so, ya’ll know I’m working on fixing my posting issue.

I’ve got to go to bed. I’m way over tired. Stupid Comet TV network; I found three episodes of the, “X-Files.” I had no business staying up this late. I barely slept. I feel more relaxed, though, knowing Rose finally tested negative for COVID. That BA.5 Omicron sub-variant is a sneaky little fucker. My mask is back on in public. I’m not getting that crap.

Stay safe, everyone.

2 thoughts on “I’ve reached my 6GB limit

  1. This happened to me at one point. In the interim, until clearing space is completed, one can use Flickr and embed the photos into posts (without any indication it is an embed.

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    1. Ooh, why am I just seeing this comment now? Please send instructions. I don’t have a Flickr account, but I could build one. I have 1000’s of my own images. But, unfortunately many are on slides. You old enough to know what they are? They used to be what stock agencies wanted when you submitted photos. Anyhoo, any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated!


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