Word of the day 1

The dictionary I managed to get the year my finances imploded: 2007.

Welcome to a new feature. I love words, as all writers do, and I’m probably going to be getting ready to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) to apply to a graduate program. Thus, this feature could be helpful.

Today’s word:


I am currently feeling dissatisfied, but not boredom so much. It takes a lot for me to be bored. I can find interest in the most trivial of things, which leads to things that are decreasingly trivial. I consider myself lucky for this ability.

Dissatisfaction? Yeah, I have that. I’m especially dissatisfied with my domestic life and my current earning status.

Yet, I am hopeful that I can improve on these things.

Looking around my cluttered home fills me with ennui.

Yeah, I’m not that bored.

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