Word of the day 2

Dictionaries are crammed full of cool stuff. Here are different types of crosses, used to help define, “cross.”

However, our word of the day is:

Undulate: adjective. Having a wavy surface, edge or markings.

As a verb, it means to form or move in waves (fluctuate). To rise and fall in volume, pitch or cadence…

I’ll let you all read the proper definition pictured here:

All kinds of undulations.

Today I was thinking of sine waves and math classes I’ve had in college. I guess I got fixated on undulating waves, and possibly taking Poyndexter to the beach—a Gulf beach instead of an Atlantic beach.

Poyndexter is my Nissan Rogue, for those of you who haven’t kept up with my soap opera life.

In a sentence: my feelings for a certain man keep undulating, when I know they should just become linear, because he’s is a doofus is who missing out on some good times.

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