Another huge loss

I want to write an update kind of blog, but I’m absolutely exhausted.

About 24 hours ago I received incredibly horribly sad news about a former co-worker and friend. Her name was Mary Jane, but everyone knew her as MJ.

MJ Williamson at a Freaker’s Ball, which was a Halloween concert and celebration at Skipper’s Smokehouse. Unknown year, and I MAY have taken this photo. The original includes two other people. I expanded the photo to concentrate on MJ. Photo courtesy of Ed Gonzalez.

She died of COVID. One of the sneaky new variants, I’m guessing. I am also guessing she was fully vaxxed. I’m still waiting on more details.

I wanted to go through some piles and boxes and photo albums for photos of her and our days as servers at Skipper’s Smokehouse in Tampa.

She was an amazing, beautiful spirit, who passionately worked for better social conditions and a cleaner environment.

She taught me a lot, including that I really liked the Grateful Dead.

MJ, you are already missed.

Big, bright, and beautiful, just like MJ’s spirit.

I think I’m just going to go to bed early.

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