I hope I can save this sad little plant

I acquired this bromeliad yesterday when I began my shift at 9 am. Two were on our podium next to a sign that read, “Free. Save us.” I took the one that looked the most promising.

I’m outside with Bo The Sun God. I swear, though, he’s channeling a cat; he wants out, he wants in, he wants out, he wants in. Actually, I think even he gets sick of the humidity and that’s why he wants in. He does love to lie in the sun, though.

Bo Bo watching over my flowering plants, which need some trimming, too.

I’m only out here because I was tending to this poor orphaned plant. Yesterday I texted that photo (above) to Pat and asked if it looked salvageable. She responded that as long as it still had green it could be saved.

She told me to cut off the brown stuff and round out the browning leaves. I just did that. This is what it looks like now. She also said to soak it and put it in the shade.

First I removed it from the decorative clay pot because that one had no drainage hole. When I tried to pull out the plastic pot the plant was growing in it was stuck. I guessed the water created suction. So, I pulled it out by grabbing the plant itself. A good bit of dirt fell off. The clay pot was definitely full of water. So, I added some fresh potting soil to the bottom of its plastic pot and tucked the plant back in. I topped off the soil with a little bit of fresh potting soil. Pat said that bromeliads like acidic soil. I guess I need to double check the stuff I have. Although, I repotted my other (different kind) bromeliad in that same soil and it’s happy as a clam.

I wonder if it needs a bigger pot to produce pups.

I have off the next couple of days, and I have a lot to do. I need to set my computer up in my room. There is a job at my credit union I want to apply for. I’d like working banker’s hours.

I’m going to have to move some money around to pay rent, but a good bit of it can get replaced with next week’s check.

I just really need to take more action turning my life around. I’ve just been so depressed by my domestic situation. I really miss living by myself—nothing against the majority of all my roommates, past and present, I just really miss being in control of my own home. Or, miss sharing a home with a life partner. I’m not even close to attracting one of those anytime soon. The one I really liked is…. I don’t know what he is. I do miss seeing him, though, very much. I left the ball in his court; he dropped it. I do know, it’s mostly his loss. I’m just concentrating on other parts of my life. At least obtaining the car has given me more energy, and even though I have another bill, it’s also given me hope and freedom.

Oh my God, it’s so humid out here. I’m going to take Bo in and try, yet again, to get ahold of the new ophthalmologist.

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