It’s been a whole month

I still can’t believe I have this car. This GOOD car. This car that is so much better than the one that got murdered in that four car accident.

Poyndexter The Rogue.

In celebration, Progressive Insurance yanked $162 out of my account for my first auto insurance payment in six months. Yeah, I had no car for eight months, but I had so much going on (mostly medical issues), I didn’t cancel my State Farm auto insurance for two months.

My first car payment is due on July 12th. I’m looking at as the first step in improving my credit rating.

I’m still very nervous. Three things make me anxious, and even paranoid: expressing affection, or romantic interest in a man, even if my intuition is screaming that the interest is mutual; money shortages; cars, and their possible expensive needed repairs.

So, I still drive with no music or radio on, every so often, so I can get used to normal Poyndexter the Rogue noises.

I’m still paranoid that something not covered by the extended warranty is going to eat up the over $4,000 I have stashed for 14 months of car payments.

Mostly though, I’m telling myself that buying this car is the first step in my very well deserved 180 degree life change, that my luck is returning and more good things are on the way.

This car wasn’t perfect. I was informed of this minor external imperfection, which I think might be easily fixable. When things settle down, I’m going to take it to a reputable body shop for an estimate. I’ll probably enlist the help of Andrew, the wonderful mechanic who tried in vain for two months to save my 2005 VW Beetle.

I am trying to stay calm and visualize making improvements in my life.

Special thanks goes out to one of my very dearest friends, Chelle, who drove over from Flagler County to help me car shop—and drink coffee and eat Greek food.❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

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