It’s Fourth of July…

…and, as an American, born and bred, I’m having very mixed emotions about this American holiday.

My country is at a crossroads. We, the people, are pissed off and very divided.

Don’t misunderstand me. I love my country, but at this moment in history I am truly embarrassed. Conservatives are demonstrating more love of guns than for babies, children, women, girls, or their bodies and independence. It’s disgraceful.

At no point in modern American history has one party been so wrong, while the other recognizes the inequalities and other problems that plague us.

Any person who still supports trump, is simply an idiot. The proof of his crimes, dishonesty, stupidity, willful ignorance, narcissism, and lack of fitness for public office is so blatant.

I love my country and the principles it was founded upon. I cannot love every American. It’s me being completely honest. I am so hurt and angry at those of us who so willfully chose to ignore all the evidence that that orange creature was unfit, and allowed him to almost destroy our democracy that I just cannot forgive them. Maybe one day, but it will take them recognizing they are part of the problem.

Politics is personal. Every citizen needs to learn this. If a candidate is basically a bad person, it should matter not what his or her, “policies,” are because he or she will never work for the public good.

Certainly, people are flawed. It’s just human nature. It’s just statistics at work. Kennedy was flawed. Flawed does not equate with corrupt. Corruption is beyond flawed. trump is corrupt.

Analytical thinking needs to be taught in every American school right from the first grade—and taught upon the elementary cognitive steps young students are capable of understanding.

Today is not a day of celebration for me. It’s a day of reflection.

2 thoughts on “It’s Fourth of July…

  1. Analytical thinking really seems to be sorely lacking.It makes me wonder if this is a new thing, or if it’s always been an issue, but the internet just makes it a lot more visible as its easier for weirdos to congregate with like-minded others.

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    1. Yes, I think it’s always been an issue, but I actually think the internet has made people cognitively lazier. They just figure they will let Google think for them. It’s despicably sad.

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