Quick lunch time post

I have about 18 minutes left on my half hour lunch.

One thing I do miss about working at Walmart is hour long lunches. It was enough time to eat something without rushing and possibly get some personal chores done.

I spent twenty years waiting tables and having to stuff food in my mouth at break neck speed, because servers are never given meal breaks. I had to eat while we were not getting bombed and I never knew for sure when I’d get bombed. It’s like that in 99% of restaurants, unless stuff has changed, and I doubt that it has. Restaurant workers are abused terribly.

When COVID started going away and eateries began opening up, and the establishments had a shortage of workers, I knew people had time to rethink how they earned their living, and they realized how fucking abused they were.

So, these half hour lunches bring back restaurant memories and I just don’t want to go there anymore. I eat half my sandwich, slowly, and take the other half home for part of my dinner.

I’m currently playing phone tag with the Orlando Health Women’s Pavilion. It’s where I’m scheduled to have my trans-vaginal ultrasound. I need to have that done for my next appointment with my OBGYN oncologist. I’m trying to get a later appointment because I got scheduled to work on that day.

I hate dealing with phone calls while I’m eating. My lunch is almost up and I didn’t have enough time to call them and eat


I’m still planning on posting about my car buying adventures. Later.

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