I cut up my Sugar Baby!

Yum. It’s a watermelon. This was grown in Florida—Lake Wales, I think. I’ve been wanting one since I first met one last Spring when I was still new to my job at Sprout’s Farmer’s Market.

My Sugar Baby! Grown in Florida—Lake Wales, I think.

I’d never even heard of these watermelons 🍉, even though I grew up in the Sunshine State.

I never got one last season because they were all humongous, and our refrigerator is pretty much a time capsule. That’s fodder for another vitriol-filled post.

I bought the melon at the Oviedo Sprouts on Sunday, and waited till today to tackle the cutting. I ate some as a breakfast appetizer. Holy crap, it’s the tastiest watermelon I’ve ever eaten. I ate my eggs, tofu, and toast, and now I’m having more.

Its seeded, but I don’t care.

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