Almost hurricane season

Oh goodie. The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1st every year.

Today we learned we might be hit with one this week. Oh yay. The remnants of Hurricane Agatha that hit Western Mexico on its Pacific side are crossing into the Gulf of Mexico.

We have two possible scenarios: 1) it scoots south of Florida and tortures the Bahamas, or 2) it cuts across the bottom half of Florida bringing us lots of rain.

From our weather segment on WKMG Channel 6 News. That’s the left arm of Chief Metrologist, Tom Sorrells.
Two different models. Two different possibilities.

I believe that the Euro model is the one considered to be the most accurate. Not good for Florida. But, they don’t even have spaghetti models yet. Those are the long string-like possible paths the storm could take, and there is no definitive center of rotation. These are good things, but I kind of have a bad vibe about this season.

I hope it doesn’t turn out like 2004. Four hurricanes in one Summer was four too many. Florida has been damn lucky since then.

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