Oh, this timing sucks

During this week of emotional turmoil and confusion, but marked with bright spots, my right knee has decided it wants attention from my orthopedic surgeon.

Oh yay! I need the knee brace at home now.

Great, just don’t want to go there now, AND just don’t want to go there. Having gone through this experience with my left knee, I see the signs I’m reaching the point of no return—the point at which I begin to start dragging my right leg as if it were a log. Oh fucking yay!

I just ENDED my Go Fund Me campaign that was related to my four car collision hell. Just yesterday I sent out my last update on that campaign. A total knee replacement necessitates three months off from work. I seriously am not in the mood to beg for more financial support. I loathe having to do that. Period.

When I began my job at Sprouts (my current employer), I was excited to be starting a new job with a better company, more enlightened customers—for the most part, and better pay.

Then, my boss, who I shall call, Lucretia, who I had a great interview with turned into the Ice Bitch the day I started ringing groceries on a cash register there. It wasn’t just me. I asked around, everybody who was hired by her experienced the same thing. WTF?

My friends, many of whom had been co-workers of mine in various other jobs, suggested she might be a bit envious because I had a personality. Most of my customers love me; I make them laugh. I’ve been told countless times that I’ve made their day with some goofy remark that cracked them up. It’s kind of a service I provide.

During my first week ringing groceries I had no fewer than five great compliments from customers. I witnessed four of them. One of them, I was told about by the co-worker who took the call that a customer had called the store, asked to speak to my boss, Lucretia, to tell her how wonderful I was. Had it not been for that co-worker, who quit a little later on, I would never have heard of this. Because Lucretia never felt the need to pat me on the back, or in any way, give me encouragement.

One of those compliments was given straight to the store manager, in front of me. He, on the other hand, was congratulatory, and gave me a Star Card, which is an employee reward for doing good. it’s like a coupon worth five dollars toward a store purchase.

The other three I witnessed. Those customers complimented me directly to Lucretia. She never said one little peep.

It was against this backdrop in which I seriously began contemplating changing employers. Then my health issues mushroomed, and then the car accident happened in August. During my time off, I was still thinking of changing jobs. But, a small miracle happened while I was on leave: Lucretia left the company.

Since returning to work, it’s been downright pleasant. I’m thinking of spending more employment there, and was going to sign up for disability insurance to use when that becomes possible in November. Thus, I seriously need to squeeze more life out of this stupid knee. Errgh.

I’ll take lottery winnings in place of insurance.

So, I have at least eight months till I could access disability funds. This sucks gigantic silverback gorilla balls.

I mentioned bright spots: this week i received and deposited my accident settlement check into a new savings account. This enabled me to end my GFM campaign. So, I have a decent amount of money in the bank right now, but that’s for a replacement car, a cushion toward auto insurance, which will now be higher because of my accident claim, renewing an auto registration, and possible car payments. It really isn’t a huge amount of money. I do not want to use it toward missing three months of work.

Again, I’m between a rock and a hard place. I’m sick of this place.

When I do have the surgery, at least I already have an amazing, great surgeon. I just hope I can hold off needing his services till January.

He IS pretty awesome. So, visit his website.


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