Ugh, 6:37 am and I’m at work…waiting

Here two hours early again. Oh the unfettered joy.


Even more joy, Bella (administrative assistant) just informed me that we have Big Wigs coming in. A meat manager, who usually works nights, just popped in. “Don’t you usually close?” “Yeah, they called me last night. The Vice President is coming in.” I think that means Arizona people. Sprout’s is based in Phoenix.

It’s the same in every job I’ve worked. Head honchos announce they are going to be in your facility on day x. Many times they don’t show , but show on day y. Facility managers go into into panic mode. It’s almost always stressful for everyone.

Is it 1:00 pm yet?

At 7:00 I’m probably going to go buy a breakfast burrito. I had a banana and that Activia yogurt in the photo above. Before we left I had a shot of blueberry keifer and a few gulps of coffee.

I’m going to make this quickie so I can research online at home jobs. My hours here have been shrinking. So that, “I’ll see what I can do,” plan from my manager sort of went out the window.

My list. My Scribble sucks.

More later, I hope.

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