I love pollen…NOT

Those of you in the US may be aware of the nasty band of thunderstorms that are moving in a slant across the Southeastern states and up into South Jersey, New York, and I think further up the coast.

Here in Central Florida we might get some of this mess, but will be mild.

Screenshot from WKMG Channel 6 Weather app.

My cash register is adjacent to one set of our double doors in Sprout’s. A couple of hours ago I started smelling the balmy air the precedes storms here. It kind of reminded me of how the air feels and smells when a hurricane is on its way.

The wind picked up and with it pollen. My eyes have been on fire for the last hour and a half. I’m typing with my eyes barely open.

I guess we’re getting a storm of pollen instead of rain. Oh yay!

Of course, it’s not as bad as the man eating pollen that coats everything in the Williamette Valley, in Oregon. I was stunned in 1993, during our first Spring there. I remember walking out of our apartment building and almost every vehicle parallel parked in NW Irving St. was chartreuse with a thick skin of pollen completely covering them. I’d never seen so much pollen in my whole 33 years. I finally understood the real meaning of, “seasonal allergies.” It boggled my mind.

I’m not sure why I never saw that much pollen on things on Florida. I’m guessing because our seasons sort of meld into one in which something is blooming every fricking day.

Portland is populated with a LOT of flowers, and I think they all bloom at the same time.

In any event, I feel as though I need to call the fire department to subdue the blaze in my eyes. Lucky me☘️☘️.

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