Is it 1:00 pm yet?

Getting dropped off at work at about 6:10 am by Vickie. My shift starts at 8:30.

Omg, I want a car. I could have slept for two more hours. This is wearing thin. I need to bug my attorney. Then, I need to figure out how to pay for car insurance and a new registration, which is supposed to not be BRAND new because allegedly, it’s in my account that I DID have a tag I had to surrender after my Pontiac was murdered by a shot (yes, with a bullet), unconscious man, who I’m told, “was up to no good.”

I’m in the Sprout’s employee breakroom, which gets more makeovers than a Hollywood starlet’s home. Mostly this involves just moving the furniture around and using tablecloths. But hey, they try.

Aww, I could have worn my UCF t-shirt. Didn’t know about this. Dern. The sign wasn’t on time clock when I left on Monday. I’m bummed I’m going to miss 70’s and 80’s dress up day. I’ll have to get a Bugs Bunny shirt for Friday.

It’s Team Member Appreciation Week. I had no idea. The last time I worked (Monday) there were no signs. Our administrative assistant, who does a lot of the HR work, made us coffee. I shall refer to her as Bella. She’s the main reason I’m here. We worked together at Walmart. I trained her there. My first five minutes with her learning to cashier, I knew she was going places. Sharp lady. Since she got paroled from Walmart and moved to Sprout’s she’s been promoted twice.

Bella’s handiwork.

While I was on leave she was promoted to her current position and was training to take over the former lady who retired. I’m glad we have Bella; she has both personality and manners. My vibe is that EVERYONE enjoys the change.

Today I could have worn my UCF t-shirt. Wish I had a USF shirt. I’ll have to order one online. So far among my co-workers, I’ve seen two Penn States and a Philadelphia Eagles jersey. And, Jersey is where that wearer is from.

Since my dad was a University of Pittsburgh grad and his school still has a huge rivalry with Penn State, I used to torture him by telling him I was going to go to grad school there. He tortured me back by telling me he’d disown me. I even got the Penn State Grad catalog-yeah, it was the 80’s, universities were still killing trees. Everything is online now.

A New York Jets just clocked in. I think she’s deli. The Eagles lady is my department-front end.

It’s 7:16 am. We are open. I can go buy stuff. I’m going to get a breakfast sandwich.


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