If most Summer days were like this, I could enjoy Florida more

Still in the 80’s, but humidity is low enough that it feels great out here. image is from the WKMG Channel 6 weather app.

I’m in the yard with Bo, who keeps trying to snack on a weed. Wrong weed, dude. I have no idea what kind of weed it is. So, I have no idea if it will make him sick or worse. I keep having to holler at him.

Bo, whose motto should be, “I’m cute, but I’m trouble.

My leg ultrasound went well. They just did the veins; no arteries checked today. I get the results when I see Dr. Adcock on April 5th. I hope I asked for that day off. I better check.

I can’t believe how great it feels out here. Vickie is making our chow. Rose got discharged from the hospital and then found she couldn’t get into her Camry-not even manually. That’s a piece of weirdness not even I have experienced. But, now that I’ve acknowledged that, as soon as I get a replacement car, it probably will happen within a week.

Yesterday, I finally re-potted my two plants. They are still alive. Shock of shocks. No, really. I’m happily surprised.

I put the mini rose and my new kalanchoe in more direct sunlight before I left for the doctor’s office.

It’s 5:33. Vickie just said that chow is ready. Bo deserted me. I guess I should go eat.

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