At vascular doctor’s office

It is 3:41 pm. I got here at 3:30 for my 4:00 pm appointment. Early! I guess the sky will be falling shortly.

I got stopped by the Sun Rail traveling by. Thank God it’s a short train because my doctor’s office is less than 100 yards from the train tracks and I’d go nuts waiting for a long train while being able to see my destination.

Central Florida’s commuter rail. As soon as conservatives realize tax dollars helped pay for it, I’m sure they will pull the plug.

Today’s medical activities include getting my right leg lathered in warm KY Jelly and checked for circulation flow with an ultrasound machine. I hope it’s just veins today. The test for flow in the arteries is slightly uncomfortable. The bruise where the catheter was inserted is huge and plum-like.

I still have the headache that started about an hour ago. I took one of my prescription ibuprofens and a decongestant. Still have a slight pounding.

It’s probably my chocolate level dwindling.

I’m about to get called, I think. So, write more later.

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