These bandages suck

I wasn’t going to post today. I’m still feeling kind of exhausted from the venous ablation. This one hurt more.

And, the bandages suck more. Actually, it’s probably more likely that I just suck at putting them on. However, I did just discover something that might be a clue as to why the bandages with this ablation are being a bigger pain in the ass.

My mummy leg after four attempts to re-wrap it. I was outside with Bo, who sunned himself in the 90 degree sunshine.
Vickie’s little moptop, Bo, just glowing in the sun.

They are nice bandages, so when I was done with the ones I received in December 2020, for my first ablation, I tossed the bandages in my laundry bag with my socks and washed them with my other laundry. So, I still have them.

I washed up with the, “bird bath,” style body cleaning and decided to dig out those original bandages. I learned that both of them are the same width-about 6-8 inches. This time, the one around my calf is like a normal Ace bandage width of about 3-4 inches. I think this narrow one is the weak link. So, I used both wider bandages and put the narrow one over the middle part of my leg, which includes my knee.

That right knee is still the one I was born with and for the last few days it has been acting more like it wants to be replaced. It hates the stairs and I have to ascend and descend keeping my right leg straight. I had to do this literally for a couple of years before I got my left knee replaced by Dr. H., who is completely bonkers in good and charming way. So, I’ve assigned many nicknames to him.

It might be time to have him work his magic on that knee. Of course it is, because we are trying to prepare ourselves to move. My body has horrible timing. It always has; I’m a late bloomer. It still hasn’t learned I’m too old to be getting zits. Then again, it thinks I’m too young for wrinkles (mostly). And, it took its time giving me gray hairs. I guess it’s a wash.

As a testament to this, after the tech helping with my ablation got my info and images up on the ultrasound contraption, she saw my birth info and blurted out, “YOU’RE 62?!” “Yeah, unfortunately, but I get this reaction a lot. I ain’t complaining. I’ve had people tell me I look 40-something. I’ll take it.” She replied, “I can believe it.” “No, I was raised on healthy doses of Led Zeppelin.”

I was thrilled she knew who they were.

It’s 10:00 pm and I’m getting hungry. I’ve had one meal today, unless chocolate squares count as a meal. I made scrambled eggs and tofu with chunks of tomato, kale and picante provolone. I ate that with two pieces of toast.

I think I’ll go heat up a can of Progresso New England clam chowder.

Those damn bandages better not fall off,


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